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The Weller Archive was founded in 2001 by Sandro Barbagallo. Embracing the time frame from May 10th 1940 (birthday of the artist) to current time, it is, for both quality and quantity of the material accumulated, the most comprehensive collection of documents about Simona Weller. This Archive is not simply “active” but in fieri.

The Archivio Weller is constituted by bound files following a chronological order and divided according to specific categories of provenance. Every volume is distinguished by an alphabet letter from A to Z. In each file the documents have been collected in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent, according to history types and numbered with ordinal ciphers.

The most important component of the Weller Archive, constituted by 20 volumes, numbered from I to XX, gathers personal documents, letters, diaries and manuscripts by the artist.

Last but not least, beside this central nucleus, there is a section dedicated to several additions:

  • volumes containing the photographic documentation of the works by Weller, catalogued from 1960 to 2005;
  • 6 volumes of personal photos from various periods of time, including photos of relatives and artist friends.;
  • 5 volumes of articles from various presses;
  • a collection of monographs, catalogues and books which document the artist’s activity .

Within the Archive there are also three foundations and a library:

  • Battaglini-Sales Foundation, comprising 20 volumes of diplomas, letters, photos and objects from 1850 to 2004 from the maternal family of Simona Wellerr.
  • Cesare Vivaldi Foundation, comprising 3 volumes of original typed manuscripts, poems, essays, letters and translations from Rimbaud.
  • Alba de Céspedes Foundation, comprising 3 volumes of typed manuscripts, book notes, letters, press articles, various photos, published books and glosses
  • Barbagallo-Weller Library, comprising about 5000 books of monographs, catalogues, art essays and novels. Part of this library is given on loan to the Giovanni Carandente Library in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Spoleto.

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